Air Dehumidifier Buying Guides

Air dehumidifier buying Guide. Not sure what to buy? Ready to buy one? Go over this list (and print it out if you want) before you decide which on to buy:

1. Humidistat

If you would like to adjust various humidity levels, having a humidistat is vital. What is humidistat? Basically this is a feature that will automatically turn the dehumidifier on/off depending on the setting. Don’t overlook this feature, it will help you save tons of money by controlling the desired RH level.

2. Continuous Drainage

This intelligence feature will help you eliminate all the hassles of emptying a bucket. You will need to attach a hose to the air dehumidifier and all the moisture will be drained directly through the hose.

3. Anti Frost Sensor

Regular air dehumidifier works best over 65 degrees. If you are planning to use it in “low temperature”, you may need an anti-frost sensor. What is anti-frost sensor? It is a device that will allow the air dehumidifier to shut off when frost begins to build on the compressor. Dehumidifiers without this option may start to accumulate frost, in long term the frost can lead to serious moisture problems to its surrounding areas.

4. Easy-To-Remove Water Bucket

Heavy duty water bucket with easy access handle will help prevent water spills. Not the most important factor, but write it down to your list just in case.

Additional information:

a. Water Level Control

This feature allows the dehumidifier to shut-off automatically whenever the collection bucket is full. In case you forget to turn the machine off, this feature is going to save you.

b. Full Tank Light Indicator

This feature will let you know when to empty the bucket before your machine turned off automatically.

c. Auto Shut-Off Button

If you don’t like to unplug the machine, this button will allow you to turn it off by one press. When you are comparing different dehumidifiers, make sure you find one that has an easily accessible button.

d. Carrying Handle

If you are planning to move the machine around your house, an easy to move carrying handle is almost a must that will allow you to move it from one room to another. Only get a cheap one if you want water spill or your machine to fall apart.

e. Washable Filter

The washable/removable filter will help you to trap dirt in the air and to purify your room. If the filter is washable one, you can save a lot of money in replacing it. You can simply use soap or water to clean and rinse the filter.

f. Quiet

Most “low temperature” dehumidifiers are noisy. The majority of regular dehumidifiers generally operate above a 50dB. Check operating noise level to make sure the dehumidifier isn’t too noisy.

g. Power Consumption

DON’T mark it down on your list if you want to end up paying expensive power bill.

h. Shipping

Find a company that provides free shipping, or check to make sure there is no “hidden cost” in shipping.

i. Price

Please check our price comparison section to find the best deal.

j. Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

You may want at least 1 year when it comes to warranty.

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