Harison Floor Standing Packaged Dehumidifiers

Harison Floor Standing Packaged Dehumidifiers

Harison floor standing packaged dehumidifiers consist of two standard models HD-192B, HD-504B and two specialized models HD-192PS, HD-504PS and they are widely used in broad range of applications in: Food and Pharmaceutical process, Preside manufacturing, Warehouses, Museums and archives, Communication centers, Mild temperature drying room…


High-efficlency compressor

  • Complete with internal cut-outs and highflow pressure protection

Humidity controller

  • Automatic operation
  • Energy saving

Hydrophilic Evaporator

  • 40% more efficient
  • Faster dehumidification


  • Washable nylon filter
  • Re-usable Economical

PS Only

  • Extended air duct
  • Stronger Air circulation

Rigid Metal Casing

  • Durability

Optional PS Only

  • UV Sterilization Lamp
  • Inhibit Mold/fungi grow
  • Killing dust mites / microorganism


Centrifugal fan draws humid air through evaporator (cooling coils) where it is  cooled down below its dewpoint, water vapor is thus condensed into water Humid air and drained away. Cooled air with less water vapor passes through condenser (hot coils) where it is reheated. Warm and dry air is finally blown back to controlled space to continue dehumidication operation.

To ensure smooth operation and long service life, actual! construction is equipped with additional basic components: Filter installed in front of evaporator to clean air and protect evaporator coil from clogging; Defrost circuit to defrost coil to waste under low temperature condition; Humidistat to control Compressor dehumidifier automatically.

About Harison

Harison industrial dehumidifiers are products of Naav Solutions Inc (Canada), the world leading company in air-treatment equipment with head office located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The products are designed and built to dehumidify efficiently in various working environments and well-known for their high quality and durability.

For more information about Harison Floor Standing Packaged Dehumidifiers, please visit: www.naaysolutions.com

When PS models should be used ? They must be used when:

  1. Room temperature can rise to as high as 42°C;
  2. Main purpose is to prevent products from mold/fungi damages and/or (with UV lamp – option);
  3. Room with large width.

How to select correct size dehumidifier

Harison Floor Standing Packaged Dehumidifiers. Firstly, the moisture load (latent load) of the project must be estimated. Secondly, designer can use dehumification capacity chart provided on the right hand size to select suitable model according to room RH% and temperature.

Alternatively, we also offer free computer-aided selection service directly or through our officially trained representative in your area. Please contact your local distributor for assistance.

Why Dehumidication?

Harison Floor Standing Packaged Dehumidifiers. High relative humidity is the main causes of many common problems:  Corrosion, Product deterioration, Condensation, Damp, Mould and mildew, Moisture regain, Prolonged drying, Manufacturing delays, discomfort..




  • Width mm 776 1225 776 1225
  • Depth mm 471 520 471 520
  • Height mm 1629 1761 2149 2281
  • Weight kg 150 235 160 252

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