How to Find the Right Used Forklift Company in Cikarang


How to Find the Right Used Forklift Company in Cikarang Bekasi dan Karawang? Simply contact us now.

It makes a lot of sense for a small business to buy a used forklift rather than a brand new one. New ones are expensive and will not give you better service than a used one that is in good condition.

But how do you find the right used forklift dealer? This article will tell you how as well as tell you briefly how to identify a good used forklift.

How to find the best used forklift company in Cikarang?

  1. Look for a company that sells used forklifts that are relatively new. There are some companies that have very old used forklifts and whereas they may still run well, they could give you a hard time when it comes to looking for spare parts.
  2. Find a company that is close to you. Forklifts are heavy and if you find a dealer that is far away, shipping costs may be very high.
  3. Find a company that is ready to give you a warranty. The usual period for a used forklift is one year. You can pay more and get a two year warranty just to be safe. You should also ask for a warranty for replaceable parts (usually 3 months long). It protects you in case anything goes wrong.
  4. Use a company that is ready to give you the forklift for a test drive. They should be willing to bring it to your premises when it gets there, test it with the exact lifting you are expecting to use it for. If you will be lifting crates, then lift crates and see how it performs. If you will be stacking goods, test it for that and see if it can do the job.
  5. A good used forklift dealer will want to sell you a forklift that has as many attachments as possible. Look for the ones that you need and make sure that they are in good condition. Remember that attachments usually increase the resale value of your forklift.
  6. Any used forklift dealer should be willing to show you the maintenance log of his used forklift. It tells you how often the equipment was serviced and if it has needed a lot of maintenance in the past. Dont buy a forklift that broke down frequently the owner could just be looking to get rid of it. If it wasnt serviced as it should be, this means that the mechanical parts are not working as well as they should be. It is advised that used forklifts are serviced at least once or twice every 3 months.
  7. The dealer should tell you where he procures spare parts, tires as well as where he has the forklift serviced. This will save you the time it would take to find these things for yourself.
  8. You may find a dealer who has a forklift that is in relatively good condition but who doesnt have a maintenance log. Ask him if you can bring in your own mechanic to do a thorough inspection. There are checklists online that you can use to make sure that all areas are inspected.
  9. Find a dealer who is reasonable on price. You may find a big range in prices when you start shopping. This is usually influenced by the age of the forklift. Look in the market to see what you can find that is in relatively good condition for the kind of budget that you have.
  10. If you must get a forklift and are strained for finances, look for a dealer who can take part payments until you have paid him everything. They are there if you look for them they are usually people who bought a forklift and are no longer using it so are open to good arrangements that will help them recover part of what they spent.
  11. A good dealer stocks used forklifts from well known brands Hyster and Toyota are among the most famous ones. In fact, if you buy either of these two, you will hardly have a problem with spare parts.

How can you tell a good used forklift?

If you do the inspection and it passes on all 14 points that are in the standard checklist, then you know that you have a good one and you can go ahead and close the deal with the used forklift company.

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