Space Heaters that Use the Same Principles as Tankless Heaters

Gas water heater is white.

Tankless heaters are perhaps the most effective tools in fighting rising gas, electric, and overall heating costs in the United States. Most Americans have standard tank hot water heaters in their homes. Those who are not overly concerned with utilities bills, and even those who are, do not focus much attention on these water heaters. They either accept the expensive heating bills, or they reduce the amount of hot water and heat that they use. Unfortunately, this is becoming a growing problem in the country, and many people have been adversely affected.

People can actually change their heating and hot water rates if they install tankless heaters, because they are more efficient systems than tank units. Energy is expended almost constantly with a tank water heater, regardless of whether it is being used or not. Tankless hot water heaters do not squander energy in this manner. They only use it when they, themselves, are being used.

Space heaters can be used without any connection to a home’s tank hot water heater. Electric space heaters work with a similar premise as tankless heaters. They use energy efficiently, they warm things up quickly, and they maintain temperatures for long periods of time.

There are so many space heaters on the market that it is difficult to know what separates one from the other. There are quality models in many different price ranges. The best heaters distribute warmth evenly throughout a room. Many higher quality units also feature easy installation mounts, remote temperature control, and infrared heating systems.

Point of Use Tankless Heaters

One of the major problems with tank hot water heaters is that they do not necessarily distinguish between the use of one hot water source and several hot water sources. In essence, they are draining the same amount of energy whether two showers are in use or one sink is turned on. This causes higher costs for residents, and often leads to ineffective heating when there are actually several sources being used.

Point of use tankless heaters are installed at the place where they will be employed. If the kitchen sink uses large amounts of hot water, a point of use unit can be dedicated to that source. This reduces the amount of energy used to generate hot water for the sink, and it reduces the amount of money one has to spend on hot water.

Accessories for Tankless Heaters

Several newer models of tankless heaters, both gas and electric, come with dip switches. These allow a person to choose between four temperature settings in order to find the one that is most comfortable. Many units also can be purchased with safety features like oxygen depletion sensors.

Some top of the line tankless heaters are designed for both domestic hot water and hidronic heating applications. Hidronic heating applications include radiant floor heating, baseboard heating, and air handlers. As costs continue to soar, more people are realizing that something as simple as buying tankless heaters can save them a lot of money in the long run, while actually working more effectively than their current systems.

Be Careful When Using Space Heaters

NBC25 NEWS– A warm home during the winter is cozy, but the measures you use to heat your house may also be dangerous.

Space heaters can be convenient, but they can also be extremely hazardous. They can cost you your life if you don`t use them correctly.

“Misuse of portable heaters is the fourth biggest cause of fire in Tri-State area and in U.S.,” said Mike Weller, a Hagerstown Fire Department Public Education Officer.

There a few things to remember when using space heaters. For example, don`t keep them to close to you, they should stay about three feet away. “If possible plug your heater directly into your outlet,” said Weller.

Another thing to keep in mind: Don`t use lightweight extension cords to power electric heaters, instead use a circuit breaker. “We see a lot of misuse with power cords, people try to use cords that are way underrated for high power piece of equipment trying to use,” said Weller.

Finally, portable heaters should be used sparingly and Weller warns, never while you`re sleeping. They should not be used as your main source of heat.

Another good thing to remember is to never leave your heater unattended, even if you`re out of the room temporarily.

Always check your manufacturers manual for detailed directions on using your heater.

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