Tires Wheels and Castors

Tires Wheels and Castors

Tyre Wheels and Castors.  In the catalog Wheels, rollers and castors you’ll find everything to keep your material handling equipment rolling.
– For pallet trucks and handling equipment: rollers, load wheels, drive wheels, wheels with internal keyway, wheels with internal crown/gear, wheels with brake kit, castors.

– For handling equipment: roller assemblies.

– Used on wheels for manual and electric hand pallet trucks: bearings

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The catalog Tracks & undercarriage parts contains our references of rubber tracks and rubber pads for mini-excavators and skid steer loaders, ground support plates and stabilizer plates.

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Tires, rims and accessories is our catalog where you can find elastic tires, pneumatic tires, press-on tires, rubber tracks, rubber pads, ground support plates, stabilizer plates, rims, tire press, accessories, wheels, rollers and castors.

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